Project Graduation's Safe and Sober Party was originally started in 1980 in Maine to prevent fatalities among graduating seniors during promotion season. 

The Sonoma County Project Grad project was founded in 1987 in response to increasing drug and alcohol use amount students on their graduation night.  Statistically this is the most dangerous night of the year for young people. 

The party generally lasts from 9 PM on graduation night until 2 AM the following morning and is fully chaperoned and operated by 100% volunteer parents and community members.  Without this volunteer support, we could not have this wonderful event!

For many students, the party is the last event that draws the graduating class together (over 80% of seniors attend this party).  The Casa Grande Project Graduation party is open to those seniors graduating from Casa Grande, Sonoma Mountain, Valley Oaks, and San Antonio High Schools.  The goal of Sonoma County Project Grad is to provide outgoing seniors with a substance free celebration to commemorate their graduation - and to ensure that they all live to see the sunrise. 

Shhhh.....while we don't want to spoil the surprise for seniors attending, we can tell you that there is plenty of food, themed rooms, fun & games, prizes, and most of all smiles.  This is an event that they will continue to talk about and definitely remember for years to come.

Don't have a senior yet?  Come check out the fun this year and see what the fuss is ALL about!


Casa Grande High School, Project Graduation

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Casa Grande Project Grad is part of the non-profit Sonoma County Project Graduation organization

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